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What Is Outsourced Human Resources and How Does It Help You Run Your Business?

What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Human Resources and Your Business

People hear the term “Human Resources” or “HR” regularly. Even for people in small companies, human resources are a part of the world that can get discussed on the news, in shows and movies, and even at the dinner table.

However, many people do not understand what human resources is, what it does, or how it helps employees and business owners alike. Before you, as a business owner, can know that you need outsourced human resources to help you run your employee management processes, it is best to understand what it is and how it can help your business.

What Is the Human Resources Department?

The Human Resources Department is the department within a company (or outsources personnel) that help manage employees within the company. They are not the daily managers and supervisors that manage employee work products. Instead, human resources (or HR) is the department that manages issues like onboarding new employees, managing employee benefits, employee handbooks, background checks, I-9 compliance, employee complaints, legal compliance with wage and hour laws, and much more.

This individual or team is highly trained and skilled at managing all of these aspects of employee capital within your company. They ensure your company avoids fines by maintaining compliance with employment laws. They ensure any issues relating to employee management are handled appropriately to avoid legal issues and unproductive employees.

How Does an HR Team Help Your Company?

Whether you employ one HR manager, an HR team, or use outsourced HR, your HR team will help ensure your employees are cared for in every aspect of employee management. As a result, you will have time to focus on your business.

You will no longer have to know and understand each legal change that occurs within the employment law spectrum, as your HR team can keep you aware of changes and make sure you are compliant. Your HR team will handle all issues relating to updating employee handbooks, managing drug screenings, and background checks, and ensuring employees are properly onboarded and receive benefit options as appropriate.

As a result of the HR team, you have time to focus on running your business. You can hire employees, take the time to interview them, manage your profit ad loss concerns, control inventory, and take the time you need to grow your business. Taking the job of employee management off your plate saves you time to allows you to actually grow and run your business.

How Can Outsourced HR Services Help Your Business Succeed?

Many companies are too big to ignore HR and too small to hire a full-time HR manager or team. These companies are served well by an outsourced HR team. Outsourced human resources allow you to manage your employee capital with an HR team without incurring the full cost of hiring an HR team.

An Outsourced HR professional or team does not cost a full salary or benefits. For a fraction of the cost of hiring one HR professional in-house, your outsourced HR professional or team can conduct all of the duties of an in-house HR professional.

When you work with an experienced outsourced Human Resources company, you will receive the help of an HR professional at any time through chat, email, and even phone calls. They will keep you informed of changes to laws and compliance concerns to ensure your company is always compliant and up-to-date with necessary employment changes. Yet, you do not need to host office space for them, purchase their equipment, or pay their salary and benefits.

The experienced outsourced Human Resources team at Workplace HCM can help you manage your human capital while you manage your business. Call them today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more.

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