Outsourced Human Resources & HRIS

Let Us Be Your HR Team

Outsource HR – ROI

On average, businesses that outsource their HR functions with an Outsourced Human Resources company like Workplace HCM, save over 30% of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house HR staff. Workplace HCM’s HR outsourcing services enable small to mid-size firms to free up cash flow for other business essentials. Your firm will save time and money on staying in compliance with HR outsourcing companies so you can focus your attention on your company’s core services and successes. We are available at a fraction of the cost of keeping an HR Team on staff internally. We can accommodate a flat monthly fee that includes virtually any small business HR services your firm may need.

Comprehensive Employee Lifecycle Support

Workplace HCM’s solution for HR outsourcing services provides your company with a remote HR team that will support managers through an employee’s entire lifecycle: from onboarding to separation. We are more than advisors. We are hands-on with your company and employees’ HR needs.

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Committed Outsourced Human Resources Staff

Workplace HCM assigns a certified and dedicated HR Generalist to assist you in the development of best practices for implementing policy and procedures. Our committed team provides guidance on complex HR topics and communicates ever-changing essential compliance information. Your remote outsourced HR department can advise on matters both strategic and tactical. Our HR Team is certified by either the HR Certification Institute or the Society for Human Resource Management and possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge on various small business HR services. Whereas, hiring an internal HR Manager may mean hiring someone who is only an expert in one area with an annual salary from $90-120K.

Custom HR Support for Strategic Projects

Rely on your remote HR Team’s expertise to complete administrative and strategic projects. Your virtual Outsourced Human Resources team can assist with all of the following and more:

  • Handbooks
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting / Entrance Interviews
  • Background Checks/Drug Screening
  • Onboarding
  • I-9 Compliance
  • E-Files
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • New EE Orientations
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Federal and State Labor Law Compliance
  • LMS – Virtual Training
  • FMLA and other personal leaves
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Salary Benchmarks
  • Compensation Administration
  • HR Compliance Updates
  • Employee Relations
  • Onsite Assistance
  • Performance Management
  • Investigations
  • Corrective Action Reviews
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Exit Interviews
  • Offboarding
  • Unemployment Claims
  • E-Files

Increase Employee Morale

Payroll, benefits, & career development are vital small business HR services for maintaining and improving employee morale and productivity. Outsourced Human Resources services mean you have access to HR experts who will help you care for the employees you have so you are able to reduce employee turnover, ultimately reducing administrative demands, not to mention cutting recruiting costs.

Maximize Business Productivity

It can be difficult to focus on long-term business goals when you have a busy day-to-day process that includes many HR administrative tasks. With an Outsourced Human Resources company, your business can unload tasks such as running payroll, performing audits, administering benefit information, filling out employment paperwork, etc., so you can focus on the company’s big picture. We also offer HR technology solutions that help save and manage your hiring processes.

Our HR Team Works with You

Your Outsourced Human Resources team will provide solutions to your most demanding HR needs. We can also advise and mitigate the risks of not remaining in compliance or following best HR practices. Our committed staff will consistently monitor updates from legal and state resources to ensure your company is compliant with the most recent policy changes and legislation.

LMS – Learned Management Systems

The Learn Management System is beneficial for those who want their employees to receive quality training courses without the cost of hiring a trainer in-house. There are course options for higher-level managerial positions as well as non-managerial roles. We can mix and match courses tailored to your company’s needs and create a full training program online.

  • Anti-Harassment
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Environment & Climate
  • Workplace Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Computer & IT
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Development
  • Pandemic Response

What is HRIS?

The Human Resource Information System is a system used to collect and store data on an organization’s employees, like their name, address, age, salary, benefits, time and attendance, performance reviews, and more. This data is valuable input for data-driven decision-making in HR.

  • Payroll, benefits, and talent management
  • Attendance and time tracking
  • Detailed, customizable reports
  • Digital document management and signing
  • Automated onboarding of new employees
  • Process automation and task management
  • Integrated LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Centralized app and device management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Automated onboarding
  • Centralized database for all employee records
  • Dedicated HR reporting and analytics
  • Objective performance management
  • Employee satisfaction management
  • Time tracking
  • Electronic signatures
  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking
  • Customized workflows
  • Optimized mobile app
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Job post syndication
  • Dedicated customer service

Accelerate and Streamline Your Entire Recruitment Process

HRIS gives you more ways to attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent. Generate candidate interest with compelling career sites and recruitment marketing solutions.

  • Stay connected with your candidates
  • Quickly route job offers and onboard new employees with applicant tracking, offer letter templates
  • Efficiently acquire and onboard top talent with automated processes


Efficiently lead the way for a better employee experience by automating burdensome administrative tasks so HR can be more strategic.


Develop committed employees who want to drive your business forward, with talent management tools that help you train, reward and communicate with your workforce.


Match labor to demand to help your people achieve a work-life balance, including HR and managers.


Seek out a payroll provider you can trust to pay your employees accurately and on time, every time.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Why use multiple systems for your HR and payroll processes when you can do it all in one? Our comprehensive software works better because it all works together.

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Payroll
  • HR Management
  • Time and Labor Management

An HRIS provides a centralized database that stores applicant tracking functions, onboarding, employee demographics, compensation and benefits choices, time-tracking, and so much more. It’s also the hub for your employee data with up-to-date information on your organization’s hiring trends and employee retention.

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Our HR Outsourcing Services start at $99/month

A human resources information system (HRIS) is a software solution that maintains, manages, and processes detailed employee information and human resources-related policies and procedures. As an interactive system of information management, the HRIS standardizes human resources (HR) tasks and processes while facilitating accurate record-keeping and reporting.

Essentially, an HRIS is a “two-way street” in which information about employees is delivered into the organization and, conversely, back out to employees. By eliminating paper-based and manual HR-related processes, an HRIS offers more seamless, streamlined, and efficient interactions between employees and the companies they work for while freeing HR professionals to perform more strategic and high-value work.