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Human resources and Human Capital Management is so much more than payroll, taxes, and benefits. It is about understanding your company, its profitability, and the role of the employee within those boundaries. Workplace HCM understands this and has built its system around supplying some of the best reporting and analytics in the industry. Whether you are home, at the office, or on an adventure of a lifetime, you can access your company reports at the click of the mouse, any time of day or night.

The Next Level of Reporting and Analytics

Workplace HCM offers an array of reports and analysis of your company and its productivity throughout its comprehensive cloud-based library. Whether you are interested in time and attendance, salary, or even job profit and loss statistics, simply logon to the Workplace HCM secure server to access your business information in a flash. You can create customized reports for the information your business may need without any of the white noise you may usually ignore. The Workplace HCM reporting and analytics dashboard can even alert you to key items and trends that may require your attention immediately.

Total Control Over Reporting

Workplace HCM prides itself on security and functionality. This is why this system makes it easy for you to send the reporting and analytics data to anyone who may need it within seconds. However, the same system allows you to limit who may have access to view and even change data, with just the click of a mouse. This ensures your company’s security, allowing only the key personnel to make appropriate changes. The best part is you are the only person with the key to change the allowable access.

Stay ahead of the trends and your business with the Workplace HCM reporting and analytics interface. To learn more about how this system can help your business manage human capital and increase productivity, contact us today.

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