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Human capital management is much more than payroll, timekeeping, and taxes. It is about keeping your employees happy to increase productivity in the workplace. Workplace HCM understands the needs for human resource solutions and benefits that keep the best interest of the employee at heart with the best interest of the company’s bottom line in mind.

HR & Benefit Enrollment | Workplace HCM

Essential features to improve workflow

Employee benefits are almost as important as salary. As a company that works hard to maintain and manage your human capital, it is essential the employee benefit enrollment is as easy for you to manage as it is for your employees to participate. That is why Workplace HCM offers a cloud-based platform to allow you to automate the entire employee benefit enrollment process.

This cloud-based system is the result of the collaboration between Workplace HCM and your insurance broker or agent. After consulting with the provider, Workplace HCM’s system will provide your employees with an electronic system that is easy to use. There is a single-entry point and employee self-service portal, automating the enrollment process.

For Employers

  • A paperless process with a centralized portal to manage benefits
  • Communicate effectively with employees regarding benefits
  • Obtain instant access to data
  • Customizable for your business
  • Streamline benefit enrollment and reporting
  • Modernize employee management

For Employees

  • Easy access to HR information
  • Complete understanding of their benefits
  • Use of intuitive benefit enrollment to match their individual needs
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • A paperless onboarding process
  • Fully self-serviced enrollment
Employee Development & Management | Workplace HCM

Human Resources Employee Development & Management

One key factor in human resources is employee development and management. A well-developed, happy employee base allows a company to thrive. Workplace HCM understands a business is only as successful as its weakest employee. That is why the company has developed state-of-the-art management tools to help manage your human capital and make sure each employee is growing along with your business, presenting a unified, cohesive unit. This system provides employers with the opportunity to create company organizational charts, assign tasks to one employee or an entire group, send company-wide announcements, track employee information and key company events, and so much more. It makes the task of human resources employee development and management easy and efficient, saving you time and money.

Our human resources development and management system does not end with the employee. Workplace HCM offers a fully trained HR support center to help with any and all human resources issues, such as compliance and even creating an employee handbook. This support center saves you time to run your business and money by not hiring a full human resources team. Workplace HCM becomes your one stop human resources team with the HR on-demand feature to make your business a successful business entity, from the employees up.

HR Background Checks & Employment Verification

In today’s world, an employer can never assume a new hire has a clear background. That is why Workplace HCM has partnered with National Crime Search, a national background check, drug screening, and employment eligibility verification company, to provide its clients with affordable background screenings of potential employees. These screenings have been proven to reduce the risk of employment theft, fraud, and embezzlement, as well as potential employment related legal issues. This is one more way in which Workplace HCM is working as your human resources partner to protect your human capital.

Business Intelligence Human Resources

Human resources is as much about your business as it is about your employees. That is why Workplace HCM has developed the Workplace Business Intelligence System. This system provides employees with full access to human resources through the Workplace HCM role-based security system. Employees can request approvals for vacations, track their performance, and even see if there are any upcoming issues that may require action.

To learn more about how Workplace HCM is your one stop human resources company, contact us today. The team is happy to discuss how Workplace HCM is the only HR professional Service your will ever need.

HR & Benefit Enrollment | Workplace HCM

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