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The hiring process can be a time-consuming endeavor. The process typically begins with you posting the open position in different mediums such as the classifieds, job boards, and websites. From there, you spend hours upon hours reviewing countless resumes to determine the best candidate to invite to in-person interview. Once you have completed the interview process, you may finally make your new hire decision, only to be faced with the dreaded onboarding process. Workplace HCM helps to make the employee onboarding process an easy follow up to the hiring process, making the beginning of the new employee’s career within your company a pleasant and welcomed experience for all who are involved.

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Automated Applicant Tracking

We understand the intricacies of the entire hiring process. It is a process that can overtake even the most efficient human resources department. That is why we have developed an applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows your human resources recruiting department to post jobs online, manage applicants, and hire the best candidate for the job. No longer allow your recruiters to become bogged down with resumes again. Workplace HCM’s ATS automates the process, bringing efficiency back to hiring. This revolutionary system offers:

  • Electronic employee onboarding and payroll
  • Online partnerships with the best online portals to quickly post job openings and manage listings
  • Automated tracking of the application status for each prospective new hire
  • Interoffice sharing of resumes and other important information
  • Customizable email templates
  • Automated screening questions to weed through applicants efficiently
  • Application ranking
  • Automated follow-up written responses for interviews throughout the process

Onboarding Seamlessly Easy

Workplace HCM makes the onboarding process welcoming, easy, and foolproof. This system allows you to send your new employee a welcome message with access to important paperwork before his or her first day on the job. The new hire will walk into the office with paperwork in hand and a solid understanding of his or her responsibilities, making the introductory period more of an opportunity to learn how to work together as opposed to teaching the new employee how to work in the company.

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Go Green, Go Paperless

The onboarding process can also result in a ton of paperwork, keeping your HR department buried for weeks while the new hire is working diligently. Workplace HCM has streamlined this process by allowing your new hire to electronically complete all federal and state documents, I9 documents, and even company documents, policies, and direct deposit information. This completed paperwork is easy to find through the Workplace HCM system and submit to the proper agencies as needed.

This is one of many ways in which the Workplace HCM experience is the only Human Capital Management system that your company will ever need.

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