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Helping businesses improve productivity with technology

Industry Leader In Human Capital Management Solutions

Workplace HCM is proud to be the industry leader in human capital management technology. Workplace HCM uses unique methods which combine the use of technology with personal service and attention to create a seamless payroll and workplace management component for your business. Workplace HCM’s management team brings over three decades of industry experience to help manage your company’s human capital.

The unique quality that separates Workplace HCM from its competition is its ability to provide large corporate style human capital management to the smaller business. This allows your small business to compete with the larger competitors for the best employees and largest clientele in this ever-changing marketplace. The cloud-based technology and impressive suite of payroll services, HR services, and more, combined with exceptional personal service and affordability makes Workplace HCM your go-to firm to help manage all your human capital.

The Workplace HCM Difference

Workplace HCM’s mission is simple. The goal is to deliver functional, scalable, integrated human capital management solutions for businesses of any size. This is easy to accomplish with the Workplace HCM principals brought to the table for every client.


Workplace HCM listens to the clients and their needs to deliver a custom product and service best suited for each individual client business.

Technology is Our Friend

Workplace HCM believes in embracing technology to help make human capital management easier for you.

Mobile Timekeeping | Workplace HCM | Marlton, NJ

Be Prompt

Workplace HCM works to deliver its products quickly and effectively. The idea of putting off today what can be done tomorrow goes against the very soul of the company.

Allow for Growth

No one and nothing is perfect. Workplace HCM embraces growth and helps you manage your company’s growth in the same manner it manages its own.

Mobile Timekeeping | Workplace HCM | Marlton, NJ

Work as a Team

Workplace HCM is not one person working on your project. There is a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals assigned to each client to help deliver the most effective products and services.

Have Fun!

Workplace HCM believes in the idea of working to live, not living to work. This helps the team better serve its clients for a happier and healthier work environment across the board.

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