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What is HRIS and How Can It Improve Your HR Services?

Outsourced HR

Learn About the Benefits of Using an HRIS Service

Outsourced HR services are a wonderful addition to any company. These services allow your company to maintain an HR department without the overhead of hiring a full-time HR team or coordinator. Therefore, you have people you can trust that can help your employees when it comes to benefits, employment law issues, and disciplinary actions. Yet you are not paying a full-time salary or benefits for that person to help manage your employees.

Sometimes, however, you may need the software to help manage your employees whether you need the HR services or not. Technology has come a long way. Now you can have the necessary Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to help manage the paperwork, time tracking needs, and other HR issues from the touch of a keyboard at home or in the office.

Read on to learn more about HRIS and how it helps your HR process.

What Is HRIS?

HRIS is the technology needed to manage your employees and their information. It includes software that helps store and maintain payroll information, benefits information, PTO, and attendance.

HRIS allows your HR team to conduct automated onboarding, make and track PTO requests, conduct employee reports, and even provide options for electronic signatures. These processes allow for employee management throughout the world, no matter where you or your employees are located.

Will an HRIS Replace an HR Team?

Your HR team needs an extraordinary HRIS suite to complete the duties of managing your employees. Therefore, HRIS will not replace your HR team. Instead, it will help your HR team do its job.

HRIS is the technology needed to keep track of all your employee records. However, you cannot utilize it without the knowledge that comes along with a background in HR. Your HR team can use HRIS to ensure your employees are properly paid, have access to see their own PTO availability as needed, and are onboarded from the comfort of their own home or office space as needed.

However, the reports and other functions available through a well-developed HRIS suite require trained professionals to follow through from creating the report to properly utilizing the provided information for employment management. Therefore, using HRIS as an added benefit for your HR team can help improve your workplace and its employee functionality.

Workplace HCM provided the outsourced HR services and the HRIS to ensure your employee management is always on point. Our team of HR specialists can use this technology to make your job (and theirs) easier. Call us today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more.

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