Mobile Timekeeping

Manage Your Human Equity Right At Your Fingertips

Managing Your Human Equity while Monitoring Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, your employees are the lifeblood of your company. You must keep them happy by making sure they are paid on time. However, you have a business to run. Therefore, you must make sure you monitor the hours your employees work to ensure accuracy on their end as well as yours. Workplace HCM’s Mobile Timekeeping services and devices help ensure your employees are paid properly while your bottom line is intact. Choose from a number of options, including mobile device; key fob; proximity card; fingerprint; and, of course, the old-fashioned swipe card as methods of attendance monitoring. Moreover, you can easily create and share employee schedules and modify them as needed.

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Timekeeping Right From Any Mobile Device

Workplace HCM’s electronic time and attendance devices streamline the entire timekeeping process. You may choose whether to use a mobile device, computer, key fob, fingerprint or even swipe card to allow your employee easy access to clocking in and out for the day. Without using any paper or separate data entry process, you have real-time access to the actual hours your employees worked each and every day. Never worry about false reporting of hours again. These electronic time and attendance devices allow you and your managing team the following functions:

  • Manager specific staff access
  • Management approval, editing, and reporting of transactions
  • Customizable overtime rules and pay
  • Online timecard approval
  • Alerts for any missed punched, tardiness or absences
  • Employee ability to view their time and attendance
  • Management entry of employee exception and corrections
  • Report tips
  • Clock in by department or job

With all of these features and options, it is clear why more and more businesses are switching to electronic time and attendance devices to help manage their human equity.

Traditional Time and Attendance Devices

Of course, there are many companies that prefer traditional time and attendance devices. Many people find them to be more trustworthy and less susceptible to computer error. Workplace HCM gets it! Workplace HCM offers a traditional time clock to track time and attendance for employers who trust the tried and true methods of timekeeping. These traditional time clocks are connected, if desired, allowing payroll to be automatically entered into your proprietary system, streamlining the entire process while keeping it more accessible for you, as a business owner.

GPS Time and Attendance

Suppose your company employs delivery drivers and/or service providers. These individuals have to report their times in, time out, and location. You must ensure they are not only going to and from their jobs in a timely fashion, but not using company time or vehicles for personal business. You need a GPS Time and Attendance Device. Our GPS systems allow you to:

  • Set and save job locations
  • Set up Geo-fencing (allows time punches in permitted locations only)
  • Monitor the location through map/street view or satellite view
Time & Attendance | GPS Tracking | Workplace HCM


SwipeClock is now able to be integrated with Workplace HCM’s payroll. Without the use of an additional password or login ID, Workplace HCM can add your new employee and automatically update your SwipeClock account to include your new employee. You do not need to give up your current time and attendance SwipeClock device, yet you can maintain the ease and confidence of using Workplace HCM.

Time and Attendance Functions

Workplace HCM’s time and attendance options are more than just the device. The dashboard provides real-time visibility to help you manage each employee’s payroll individually while keeping down the costs of labor and maintaining productivity. Our report library allows you to view standardized reports relating to:

Web & Biometric Time Clocks

GPS Timekeeping


Missed Punch Corrections

Company In/Out Board

Time Card Approvals

Approaching Overtime

Time & Attendance | GPS Tracking | Workplace HCM

Job Tracking

Track Breaks & Lunch

Report tips

Piece Work


Exception Tracking

Robust Reporting

On top of viewing everything in real-time and viewing reports, you will now have the ability to schedule and adjust schedules accordingly, providing access to your management team and employees with ease. You are even able to use instant messaging to fill in spots on your schedule quickly.

Time and Attendance no longer needs to be a necessary evil within your business. Instead, it can be an easy way to track your employees and your jobs, keeping money in your pocket and employees and customers happy. Contact Workplace HCM today to learn more!

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