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Workplace HCM Affinity Partners

Certain businesses are amazing affinity partners for the team at Workplace HCM. These business partners understand the benefit a company like Workplace HCM can provide their clients. A warm introduction to any one of these types of companies is always appreciated.

CPA’s and Accountants

The CPA requires Knowledgeable Business Partners to Be Responsive to their client’s needs and be willing to be held accountable for their actions.

Why Choose Workplace HCM?

We are Knowledgeable
The Workplace HCM Customer Service Representatives have been in the world of payroll and taxes for over three decades. Each representative is a certified payroll professional (CPP) who knows both the “how” and “why” of payroll and the benefits Workplace HCM can offer your clients.

We are Accountable
A referral puts your trust in Workplace HCM. However, it also shows the trust your clients have in you. Workplace HCM would never jeopardize this. That is why Workplace HCM works hard to provide your clients with much needed solutions. There is never an excuse, finger-pointing, or blaming anyone for a situation. There is only a resolution. Remember, Workplace HCM is a local company that works with each client individually. The relationship matters and always comes first.

We Respond
Time is of the essence. Workplace HCM knows this and works hard to be on time, if not early, with every product and service line. Deadlines are necessary to get the job done. Workplace HCM makes sure, through the operating systems in place, that nothing ever slips through the cracks.

We are Focused
Workplace HCM is a payroll and tax company. The firm does not waste time trying to sell your clients on services for which it did not ask. Working with Workplace HCM guarantees that the company will not be sold on anything else by Workplace HCM. Instead, they will get an honest payroll and tax company.

We are Secure
Workplace HCM believes in the importance of Security. Check out how Workplace HCM keeps client data secured and safe from hackers.

Insurance Agents

Workplace HCM provides and added benefit to the extensive role of the insurance agent. Instead of trying to offer the same services to your clients, the role of Workplace HCM is to streamline the enrollment process for your clients, integrating the benefits packages into the payroll process. The services simply make your clients know you are the best, most technologically advanced company with who to work.

The Workplace HCM Benefit:

  • Report employer benefit contributions on employee W-2’s
  • Connections to many healthcare carriers
  • Access to client census data
  • Easily track employee information for plan eligibility
  • Download copies of Employee Contribution Reports and company Payroll Registers
  • Reduce administrative work by providing real-time communications of new-hire and terminations by your client
  • Deduction-level direct deposit into Health Savings Accounts

Any Property and Casualty agency maintains ownership of expiration on all accounts referred to Workplace HCM. Workplace HCM builds the seamless integrations of payroll and worker’s compensation premium collection through the carrier of the company’s choosing.

TPA/Financial Advisor

The financial advisor helps the client save for retirement and other unforeseen circumstances. Payroll companies have been known to try to take those services away from financial advisors and sell the end client a different product line. Workplace HCM has no interest in being a financial advisor to your clients. The truth is, you have the proper tools to advise your clients. Workplace HCM is an expert at Payroll services, not financial planning.

Workplace HCM Resources

Workplace HCM will help your clients in the following manner:

  • Integration with leading money managers and the power to create a customer upload file for anyone
  • Ability to accept and/or share participant changes (salary deferral changes, loans, etc.)
  • Ability to create a census file to streamline Form 5500 preparation

To learn more about becoming an Affinity Partner with Workplace HCM, contact us today!

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