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Recruiting in the Age of Coronavirus

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How Online Recruiting Can Help You Find Top Talent When People Aren’t Quite Ready to Return to the Workplace

As much as the Coronavirus pandemic appears to be winding down, many people are still worried about being in public. With the Delta Variant and the inability to vaccinate those under 12, many people choose to work remotely.

In past times, people wanting to work from home would cause extreme hardships for employers looking to recruit new talent. Many employers wondered how to conduct interviews without meeting potential hires face-to-face.

However, since the pandemic has caused businesses to reinvent themselves, they have learned how to conduct every aspect of business online. Recruiting talent is no exception to the rule. Companies have found ways to remotely interview potential employees to allow everyone the opportunity to stay home and stay healthy while looking for work.

Online recruiting has reinvented the way people look for jobs. However, it has also reinvented the way employers find their top talent.

1. Businesses Can Conduct Interviews at Anytime

Now that people prefer to conduct interviews online, employers have the option to conduct interviews at any time of day. Executives can choose to interview potential employees before the workday starts or after the workday ends. It allows them to complete other tasks throughout the day without spending too much time preparing their office space for interviews.

2. Employers Can Conduct Interviews with People Anywhere in the World

Thanks to online recruiting, employers can easily attract talent from anywhere in the world. If an employer is willing to offer remote employment, employees can work from any state or country in the world without employers needing to worry about relocation expenses.

It also widens the candidate pool to invite candidates worldwide to potentially fill positions requiring specific expertise. It becomes a winning situation for both employees and employers.

3. Employers Can Conduct Onboarding with Employees in Many Offices at Once

Once employers recruit new employees, they need to train them and onboard them to work in a new environment. Prior to using online resources, employers would have to either travel to different locations or bring everyone to one location to conduct onboarding.

However, now with additional online resources, employers can even conduct onboarding online. They can reach their newest employees in their individual locations and conduct one onboarding event with the employees. The employees can interact with one another through online tools. Therefore, they can put faces to names of individuals they may interact with, even though they work in different locations.

Final Thoughts

With the pandemic came amazing online resources for employers to conduct recruiting and onboarding of new talent. Employers can recruit talent from all over the world. They can conduct online onboarding, training, and even benefits enrollment. As a result, employers can expand their talent pool and capabilities without increasing their hiring budgets.

To learn more about online recruiting and onboarding, contact the experts at Workplace HCM at (856) 334-9711.

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