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How Technology in HR Can Help Employers in 2023

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Learn More About Technology in HR to Manage Remote and Hybrid Employees

One trend that exploded during the pandemic and has not backed down is an increase in remote and hybrid work. Employers are finding that employees may be just as, if not more, productive when they are home, in their comfort zones, and without a daily commute.

However, employers are trying to determine the best ways to manage their employees while they work from home. How can you be sure they are working the hours they claim to work? How can you ensure projects get completed properly when employees are home? How can employees obtain their pay stubs, request time off, and conduct other necessary tasks when working from home?

HR Technology can help you manage your employees no matter where they are in the world. Read on to learn how technology in HR can help you manage your employees in the changing workplace.

Will Companies Still Need to Accommodate Remote and Hybrid Employees in 2023?

The forecast for 2023 is clear. Remote work is not going anywhere. Employers are cutting costs by trimming office space. Employees are demanding more flexibility to allow them some time to work from home.

As a result, employers must accommodate remote and hybrid employees if they want to compete in today’s job market. They must find ways to ensure employees can access files and work from anywhere in the world, even if only a few days a week.

It is likely that this trend will be around long after we ring in 2024 and beyond. Employers can be certain that the trend will stick around throughout 2023 and even grow to businesses that haven’t caught on to it as of yet.

How Can You Manage Your Employees When They Work from Home?

Due to the ever-changing workplace, human resource management has changed. Now, much of human resource management can be done through cloud-based online tools. As a result, you can easily manage your employees from anywhere in the world.

When the pandemic hit, many companies had to scramble to find ways to set employees up to work from home. They did not want to lose productivity. However, they had to change their entire infrastructure to accommodate the new workplace.

During the two years since the start of the pandemic, companies have found ways to make working from home easier. At the top of the changes were online timekeeping and onboarding. Now, with the help of technology, employers can provide employees with access to a time clock to allow them to clock in and out as needed. Employers can also access these records on their end and make adjustments as needed.

Additionally, new hires can complete paperwork through online onboarding. They can access a secure portal to fill out all the necessary paperwork to begin their new position as needed.

Employers can conduct reviews, adjust pay information, and access benefits online as well. Every aspect of employee management can be conducted from a laptop, making remote work more feasible for many employees.

Workplace HCM Is a Pioneer in HR Technology

Workplace HCM saw the need for HR technology before the need existed. They thrived during the pandemic because they were able to help employers change their workplace and still manage their employees. If you are ready to upgrade your HR services to manage employees from anywhere in the world, call Workplace HCM at (856) 334-9711 to learn more.

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