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How Does an Automated Hiring Process Help Make Hiring Easier?

Employee Onboarding

Every business goes through a period where they need to hire more employees. They find themselves in need of replacing employees or hiring new employees to keep up with their expanding business. If you find you are in the position to hire employees, what can you do to make sure the process is as seamless as possible?

The truth is that the hiring process can be a tedious task for many employers. Employers must create an employment advertisement, post the advertisement on various networks, review the resumes of various applicants, interview potential employment candidates, and eventually (and hopefully) make a hiring decision. Many times, they need to complete this process as quickly as possible. It can become overwhelming. However, automating the hiring process may help may the task more manageable and much less tedious.

Post Job Openings in Several Online Locations at Once

Did you know there is software that allows you to post a job opening on all the available online employment search engines at one time? With a click of a button, you have the option to post your position on sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and more.

By posting your opening in several locations at once, you save yourself hours of tedious work. Instead of copying and pasting or even rewriting your employment ad to fit the parameters of each employment site, you can craft one ad and let the software do the work. Furthermore, you ensure you are posting everywhere you can, as opposed to the job sites you know about.

You can even set up employment ad postings to screen potential candidates as they post their resumes to apply for your open position. If they do not meet the necessary qualifications, they are not able to apply for the position. As a result, you have fewer resumes to review. Furthermore, the resumes you receive will be for qualified candidates only.

Automate Your Communications to Proceed with Interviews and Job Offerings

Another amazing time-saver available with hiring process automation would be automated communications. You can create automated emails that allow you to schedule interviews without drafting new emails for each potential candidate. As a result, you have more time to focus on running your business while you are also finding the perfect candidate for your open employment opportunity.

You can also automate emails to thank candidates for their time and interest. Any form of communication can be automated to allow you time to actually conduct interviews and make the decisions necessary to move forward with a  particular candidate.

Even the onboarding process can be automated through an online process. You can easily send all documents to new employees to get them into your system without having to meet face-to-face with your new hire. The process can be seamless and leave you time to work on other items that require your full attention.

Workplace HCM Can Help Automate Your Hiring Process to Make Your Life Easier

Workplace HCM has perfected the automated hiring process to ensure your process is handled easily and efficiently. To learn more about Workplace HCM’s automated hiring process, call us at (856) 334-9711 to schedule a consultation.

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