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How Does HR Technology Help Manage Deskless Workers

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HR Technology Helps Manage Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are the given term to describe employees that are required to be present in the workplace, or on the job site to fulfill their employment responsibilities. Working remotely is not an option for deskless workers, as their daily tasks cannot efficiently be performed from home.

Former standards of HR Management assisted with managing deskless workers. However, these previous standards can be improved upon with the right technology.  For example, some employers are still having their employees clock in and clock out manually.  With Workplace HCM’s innovative technology, this process has been improved upon, resulting in accurate reporting, in addition to mitigating potential payroll errors.

HR Technology Helps Manage All Employees

While it is essential for deskless workers to be present at the workplace or on the job site to work, for a supervisor it may not, HR technology alleviates managers of the administrative task of tracking employees’ hours worked.

For example, an owner of a retail chain may manage several store locations. Businesses need assurance that their employees are logging in efficiently and working their designated shifts. Management can utilize time and attendance technology to manage their staff’s time cards in addition to approving requested time off. This innovative HR technology allows employers to focus their attention on core business practices, rather than tracking the daily activity of each employee.  The portal manages all time, attendance, and paid time off for staff, so management can focus on the day-to-day regardless of their location.

HR Technology Onboards New Hires Prior to First Day of Employment

Onboarding is essential to hire any new employee.  New employees must complete the required paperwork to ensure they are properly paid and are informed of their employer’s policies and procedures.  An entire day of training may be lost if the employer is committed to manual onboarding practices.  By implementing an electronic onboarding tool, it gives new hires a mobile-optimized experience where they can fill out information and documentation from anywhere, anytime. For the employer, it provides early employee engagement, eliminates paperwork, and reduces compliance risk.

HR Technology Ensures Payroll and Reporting Accuracy

Payroll is the process of paying the company’s employees, which includes tracking hours worked, calculating employees’ pay, and distributing payments via direct deposit or by check. HR technology allows employers to properly track hours worked, salaries and paid time off. It will automatically deduct taxes and benefits from employee wages, which in turn saves time and reduces the risk of error.

Workplace HCM Can Provide HR Technology to Fit Your Company’s Needs

If you manage employees that must be present to work, Workplace HCM will help ensure you have the technology in place to streamline your business practices.  Contact one of our representatives for further information.  856-334-9711.

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