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How Technology Is Making Timekeeping Easier

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Technology and Human Resources should go together hand-in-hand. With technology, companies can now conduct onboarding, payroll services, PTO administration, and many other HR systems online from anywhere in the world. This ease with technology can be extended to timekeeping services as well.

The Evolution of the Time Clock

Many decades ago, employees would have a timecard. They would take that timecard and punch it at a time clock that hung on the wall of many offices. It was a much better option than insisting employees write the time they entered or exited (or insisting their manager did so) on their timecard manually.

However, as technology improves, the time clock changes. In some companies, if employees worked at a computer all day, they could log onto their computer to register the time they started work. They would then log out of their computers to register the time they ended work. This system worked well as long as the computers were working properly.

Eventually, time clocks became electronic devices that an employee could use by simply entering their assigned number into the clock when they came in and again when they left for the day or to go on break. Once again, as long as the internet and technology were working on any given day, this system was very reliable.

How Is Technology Changing Timekeeping Again?

Technology is becoming even more progressive when it comes to timekeeping. For over two years, employees had to suddenly switch to a work-from-home environment. Suddenly, they did not have access to the company time clock, no matter how it existed. This process literally changed overnight.

Technology, luckily, was able to keep up with the change in the workplace. The internet, cloud storage, and online meeting places became the norm for many businesses. However, tracking employee hours was becoming difficult…at first.

Soon, mobile timekeeping became available to companies all over the world. Mobile timekeeping meant employees could clock in through a mobile device and clock out the same way. They do not have to be in the office or working on a company computer. Instead, they have the option of being on the job site or working from home and still having the ability to clock in and out of work.

Workplace HCM can Help You Manage Your Employees with Mobile Timekeeping and Other Online HR Options

Workplace HCM uses innovative technology to help its clients run their businesses from anywhere in the world. We have developed an easy-to-use mobile timekeeping technology that allows employees to clock in whether they are home, on the job site, or in the office.

Our system integrates into your HRIS system to allow you to adjust and manage any timekeeping issues. Ass this amazing capability to other online functions, like onboarding, payroll, and PTO management, and you are guaranteed to have a technological system that makes employee management easier.

Call us at (856) 334-9711 to learn more.

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