How Do HR Health-Checks Benefit Your Business?

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What Are HR Health-Checks?

It is a diagnostic exercise that is used to get a detailed understanding of a Human Resource department and the way it functions as well as how it is achieving its overall purpose and department objectives. An HR Health-Check should investigate the following HR functions:

  • HR Strategy
  • HR organization structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of HR Function
  • HR capability assessment (individual & team)
  • HR policies and policy implementation
  • HR processes and procedures
  • HR service delivery
  • Employee records and data integrity
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Career development
  • Performance management
  • HR Systems
  • HR Metrics
  • HR work environment

For a Health-Check to be performed effectively, the outcome will deliver a detailed view of the current state of the department as well as identify any issues that need to be addressed. An HR Health-Checks main goal is to address issues within the department to improve performance.

Benefits of An HR-Health-Check

HR-Health-Checks strategically investigate all HR functions, while internal audits focus on HR processes. HR-Health-Checks evaluates the current state of legal and regulatory compliance, industry standards, alignment to company policies and procedures, alignment to business strategy, and alignment to HR best practices. Other benefits include getting an unbiased perspective of how your HR department is currently running to find areas to improve, find potential legal risks, pinpointing non-value activities, and most importantly receiving constructive feedback to drive improvement.

What is the Best Way to Achieve an HR Health-Check?

HR Health-Checks should be done by someone who is not in the HR department but is experienced with all aspects of HR. It can be done at any time and can be instructed by multiple factors. These factors include when company mergers take place, HR certifications or accreditations are awarded, growth within the company, looking to reduce costs within the organization, and assessing HR functions and where they need improvement. Overall, these health-checks can help organizations continually improve the areas of that need improvement.

How to Conduct an HR Health-Check

The first step of an HR-Health-Check is to gather data from the HR Department. It is important for this information to be accurate. Contact us today to learn more.

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