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What Is Onboarding and How Does It Work?

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Onboarding Does Not Need to Be Tedious or Difficult

Onboarding has become a familiar term in many workplaces. However, what does it mean? Is it training of new employees? Is it getting new employees situated in their new positions? Is it the paperwork needed to get new employees into the employer’s payroll system?

The answer is yes. Onboarding can take on several different meanings within different workplaces. It can be one of the three tasks mentioned above. However, it can be all the tasks mentioned above. The fact is onboarding is the term used to bring new employees onboard and get them in the system. However, it is also about getting them on board with the way your company operates.

Learn more about onboarding and how to make it as easy as possible for you and your company.

What Is the Purpose of Onboarding?

Onboarding helps employers bring on new employees. It includes the paperwork needed to ensure employees are paid and legally eligible to work within the United States. However, it also may include some training and other processes to ensure employees are in sync with the way your company does business.

The purpose of onboarding is to ingratiate a new employee into your company. Onboarding paperwork helps you follow all legal guidelines while ensuring your employees are ready to be paid, proper taxes are withheld from their paycheck, and they understand their rights and policies, and procedures within your workplace.

Without proper onboarding, employees would not get paid. Furthermore, you risk fines and litigation expenses by hiring employees unable to work in the US. You may also risk fines because you did not withhold proper payroll taxes or did not properly provide a copy of the company’s policies and procedures for employees to review.

Can Onboarding Include Employee Training?

Some companies have general training regarding legal issues and concerns, company policies, and even basic employment responsibilities. This training may be provided to all employees, no matter their position within the company. While this training is separate from specific on-the-job training for each role within the company, it is essential to bring on new employees and get them accustomed to the workplace culture.

This type of general training may be part of the onboarding process. In these cases, many companies will hold onboarding training every month or two for any new employees. The training may be virtual or within the conference room during specified dates. Sometimes, this training may be available on-demand for new employees to access as soon as they begin employment.

This type of training can be part of onboarding.

How Can Workplace HCM make Onboarding Seamless?

Workplace HCM works to provide seamless online onboarding for all their clients’ new employees. Clients simply provide their employees with a login code to complete all the necessary new employee paperwork, training, and any other part of the onboarding process.

Workplace HCM will work with you to create an onboarding process customized for your business’s needs. Call us today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more about how our firm can help you make onboarding as easy as logging in to a new system.

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