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Recruitment | Workplace HCM

Benefits of Recruiting Even When You Are Not Hiring

Recruiting is a critical process for any organization looking to build a strong and productive workforce. While hiring is often seen as the end goal of the recruitment process, it is important to recognize that effective recruiting goes beyond simply filling open positions. It involves…
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Benefits of Flexible Schedules: 4-Day Work Week & Working Remote | Workplace HCM

Benefits of Flexible Schedules: 4-Day Work Week & Working Remote

In recent years, flexible schedules have become increasingly popular in the workplace. This includes a 4-day work week and remote work options. Offering flexible schedules can provide a range of benefits for both the organization and its employees. Improved Work-Life Balance One of the primary…
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Family Medical Leave Act | Workplace HCM

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 30 Year Anniversary

On February 5, 1933, President Bill Clinton passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. As the 30-year anniversary of FMLA approaches, Workplace HCM understands the complexity…
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Terminating an employee | Workplace HCM

What Every Employer Should Be Aware of When Terminating an Employee

Terminating employees is stressful, which is why so many HR professionals make the mistake of rushing through the process. If you don’t thoroughly check your work during and after termination, you’re setting yourself up for potential problems in the future, including potential litigation from the…
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Employee Background Check | Workplace HCM

Do You Need to Run a Background Check on New Employees?

Some industries require new employees to go through a criminal background screening. Any industry that requires direct interaction with minors or requires you to carry a gun on the job requires a criminal background check. However, just because you own a business that does not…
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Human Resource Management | Workplace HCM

Update Your Human Resource Management for 2023

Outsourced HR
Tips for Bringing Your Human Resource Management into the New Year Happy New Year! 2023 has already started better than 2022. Many businesses have gone back to business as normal (or at least as the new normal allows). However, keeping up with the new normal…
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