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Keep Your Office Running during Coronavirus Closings


Covid 19 May Close Your Office, But Business Should Still Run as Usual. These Three Tips Will Help Aid in Human Resource Management with a Remote Workforce.

Imagine if the Coronavirus outbreak occurred thirty years ago. The world would have to stop. Businesses would continue to close voluntarily, and governors would continue to release stipulations of where people can go, this would have killed the economy even just 30 years ago. The technology to work remotely and successfully had not been developed or tested.

However, in 2019, the technology is available to not only connect from anywhere in the world but keep business running as usual while working from home. We can use the cloud to share information, access files, and communicate with one another. Business does not need to stop. It doesn’t even need to slow down.

The key to keeping your business running smoothly is going mobile. Your back-office needs, such as payroll, Human Resources, and timekeeping can be completed through apps and cloud communication, giving you a virtual office with employee access.

Follow these three tips to keep business as usual while locking your doors during the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic.

1. Make Employee Access Mobile

If you want to work remotely successfully, you must have the means to allow employees to clock in and out and access their employee records. Employees must have access to update W-2s and any withholdings information, view benefits, and request time off.

Of course, you can use the old system of emailing timecards and requests for information while shut down. However, emails can easily get lost. Then the questions linger, and time is not entered correctly.

A better option is a mobile app that handles all of your employee access needs. Employees can easily log in to clock in and out, request paid time off, and access their employee information. Workplace HCM offers a mobile app that will accomplish this and more, keeping all timekeeping and employee access digital, instead of a manual process that eats valuable time.

2. Keep Your HR Department Running

Just because your doors are closed, does not mean your HR department needs to close as well. Keeping your HR department open is essential to ease remote workers’ concerns and fears.

In reality, this is a scary time. The coronavirus news is the only news people are seeing. It seems like it is straight out of a movie. And it is always changing.

Every day the government is releasing new information. Some are restrictions, and others are employee benefits to help people get through this time. Your HR department needs to be able to field these calls from anywhere.

With cloud computing and apps, office phone lines can be transferred to human resource employee’s cell phones or home phones to keep them operating normally. If you are using an HR company as your human resources department, make sure they are operating remotely. You should be able to contact your HR department or company any time of the workday and receive an answer as if your doors were open to the public.

3. Make Sure Payroll Is Done Right and On Time

Keeping your employees paid is key to keeping them productive during the Coronavirus outbreak. Employees will be more likely to get their work done on time and accurately if they know payroll will work as usual.

Working with a virtual payroll option allows you to complete payroll on time with no problems or concerns. Virtual payroll does not need to stop once office work resumes. Instead, setting virtual payroll up now will allow you to go back to working at the office and still submit payroll from anywhere in the world, even when you have to travel.

However, during this time, when business is running remotely, you need to know you can trust your payroll provider when you submit from your home office. The first time payroll is not smooth and successful, is the last time you may have your employee’s trust to keep business operating as usual.

Workplace HCM offers the ability for your entire office to go virtual in a matter of minutes, not days. Our online client onboarding system allows you to be up and running quickly. As of now, many businesses will be closing their doors to the public and switching to a remote workforce. By the end of the day, you can make sure employees have easy app access, keep your HR department open to answer all questions, and even makes sure payroll is easy to run, done right every time.

You don’t have time to waste. To keep your doors open after this outbreak is over, you must make sure you can work remotely now. Call Workplace HCM at (856) 334-9711 to learn how we can help you during these unprecedented times.

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