How Technology in Payroll and Timekeeping Can Help Your Employees Get Paid Properly

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What Your Company Can Do to Keep Your Employees Paid without Any Glitches

Once upon a time, employees checked in with a manual timecard. Then, another person reviewed the timecard and entered the information into a payroll spreadsheet. This information was then given to the payroll company, who manually calculated the employees’ hours worked and their pay for the week.

This process left a lot of room for human error. Employees could forget to check in or out. The information could be entered onto the timesheet incorrectly. Worse yet, the calculations could be incorrect. Any or all these errors could result in an incorrect paycheck for an employee. If the company were lucky, they would owe the employee money. However, if the company were unlucky, the employee would get overpaid and may not report the error.

With technological advancements throughout the years, these human errors can be erased. Read on to learn how technology can help improve your payroll process.

Automated Timekeeping Reports Are the First Step to Accurate Payroll

Timekeeping can be conducted in numerous ways. One way can be linked to employees logging in and out of their computers for the day or shift. Another way is through a timeclock in a common area of the office. It can even be conducted through a phone call.

However, you choose to have your employees clock in an out of work for the day, the key is to ensure it directly links to your payroll provider. If your timekeeping system automatically links to your payroll provider, there is a smaller margin for error when process payroll.

This automated communication between your timekeeping system and payroll provider allows your timekeeping reports to be automated. Your HR professional can then review the time keeping reports as they are entered by your individual employees and adjust as needed. They can enter used PTO or adjust for breaks. They can do this through an automated portal that then adjusts payroll as needed.

Combine Tax and Compliance Data with Your Payroll System for Ease

In addition to the employee timekeeping records, payroll consists of tax issues and compliance issues. Employees and employers must pay taxes and stay compliant with local and federal laws with every paycheck they issue.

Once upon a time, companies had to manually enter this information and make sure they were completely on top of any new compliance or tax laws that affected payroll. Today, technology can handle the burden of these concerns for companies.

Your payroll provider can maintain a team of compliance experts that update software with new compliance laws and concerns as needed. All you need to do is run your payroll and these concerns are already answered as part of the algorithm that creates each paycheck. It makes running payroll and keeping compliant with tax and wage and hour laws a breeze.

Don’t Worry About Forgetting the Benefits – Technology Won’t Let You

The final piece to making payroll easy is to ensure benefits are not only provided but making sure they are properly paid for an updated as payroll gets run. Technology allows your payroll company to enter information regarding employee benefits and deductions once. Yet these deductions and benefits get processed every time payroll gets run. The process ensures benefits are always paid and up to date for employee records.

If you are looking for a payroll company that allows technology to help make the process easier, Workplace HCM is your one-stop-shop. Call us today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more.

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