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Can Your Company Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Health Insurance Laws?


How Can You Stay Compliant with Healthcare Laws for Your Employees When Changes Occur?

Health insurance and benefits have always been a legal battlefield for employers. Human resource laws change with every new administration, making it difficult for many employers to keep up with the legalities regarding health insurance benefits for employees.

Over the past few years, changes have occurred that directly affect the Affordable Care Act and employers’ responsibilities involving employee healthcare benefits. These changes have changed based on political leadership as well as the needs created by the Coronavirus pandemic. How can you keep up with the legal changes to ensure you are compliant with the laws while providing affordable benefits to your employees?

Do You Need an HR Team to Help You Remain Compliant with Healthcare Laws?

Human resource teams are tasked with keeping employers compliant with employment laws. These laws include fair wages, discrimination and harassment laws, and laws affecting benefits and payroll. The Hr team constantly receives and analyzes employment and human resources laws while comparing them to what your company has in place to ensure you remain compliant.

However, when your company does not have a Human Resources department, you may miss changes to the laws. You may miss updates necessary to continue your compliance with the law. While you do not legally need to employ an HR department or team, you would benefit from having an HR team on your side.

Without a human resources department or team, you may risk losing your compliance and risk penalties imposed by the government.

How Can Workplace HCM Help Ensure You Stay Compliant with ACA changes?

Workplace HCM has developed a proprietary program that helps employers stay compliant with the ACA without incurring any penalties. ACA on Demand is a cloud-based software that allows employers to track their employees’ benefit options, file paperwork necessary with the IRS, and even keep track of any legal changes that affect the ACA and other healthcare needs for employees.

Employers can use this system to retrieve any necessary forms or documents to distribute to employees under the law. It is a complete management system for your employment healthcare needs.

Contact us today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more about ACA on Demand and how Workplace HCM can help your business manage all of its HR needs.

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