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6 Common Human Resource Problems in the Workplace And How to Solve Them

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Not a workplace in the world is free from some type of human resource issue. Whether the issues are small, like making sure someone has the opportunity to sign up for their benefits and understands what they should receive, or major issues, like continual sexual harassment, workplaces that have employees must deal with human resource concerns.

Read on to learn about the eight most common HR issues within the workplace and how to solve these problems when they arise.

1. Finding Top Talent

In today’s world, finding people who want to work seems like an impossible feat. People are very selective about the type of environment in which they are willing to work. Many times, potential employees will only work for companies with good benefits, room for advancement, and offering a living wage.

The best way to solve this problem is to listen to what potential employees want. Make sure you offer a living wage, with wage increases, solid benefits, and chances for advancement. Make sure you are also offering employees a fun, friendly, and flexible workplace. Post-pandemic employees are looking for opportunities for hybrid workplaces and the flexibility to be home when they need it. They know most companies can accommodate these needs. Therefore, they will often wait for an offer from a company willing to accommodate these needs.

2. Onboarding

One of the most difficult pieces of the hiring process is onboarding. Onboarding requires many steps before training can even begin. Many times, items can get overlooked. Employees may not submit paperwork as needed. They may miss signing a document required for payroll compliance or HR compliance.

One of the easiest ways to solve the onboarding problem is to use an online system that keeps everything in one place. New employees can log into a portal and complete the paperwork needed to complete the onboarding process.

3. Incorrectly Classified Employees

Employees are either classified as hourly or exempt. Exempt employees receive a salary, instead of hourly pay. As a result, they are denied overtime. Exempt employees must fit a very specific set of criteria to be classified as such. Many employers misclassify employees that should be hourly employees as exempt employees. Some do so to deny overtime payments intentionally. Others do so because they do not know the laws affecting employee classification.

When this error occurs, the best way to address the problem is to speak with a legal team of an HR expert. They can advise you on how each employee should be classified and institute these changes as appropriate.

4. Monitoring Productivity

Employees will work hard for employers that work for them. However, monitoring productivity can be difficult in many cases. One way to monitor productivity is to ensure projects are completed on time. However, there are many other issues related to productivity that you should monitor.

One way to monitor productivity is to monitor computer activity. Your IT department can place restrictions on computers that prevent employees from perusing certain websites. They can also look at employee computers to see their history and how they spend their time. Furthermore, you can track drivers with GPS systems, time entry devices, and other technology to ensure employees are where they need to be when they need to be there.

5. Monitoring Benefits

Life can get very business when you are running a company. As a result, you may forget to offer employees their benefits as expected. If the employee forgets to remind you, they may go months without the benefits they are promised upon accepting the position.

Working with a benefits management company or PEO can help streamline this process. Your benefits management company can keep track of new employees and when they are entitled to benefits. They can handle the entire registration proof and properly monitor benefits as needed.

6. Addressing Employee Violations

Employees can violate the rules. They may commit acts of sexual harassment. They may commit acts of theft of time or company property. They may violate other rules as outlined in the employee handbook. When employees break the rules, you should ensure the violations are properly addressed to avoid lawsuits and further anarchy within the workplace.

Make sure you maintain a proper HR team to handle these violations as they occur. Your HR team can ensure your employee handbook is up to date to address employee rights, laws, and penalties. Your HR team will properly address employee violations to ensure you stay compliant with the laws and your employee handbook.

Final Thoughts

Running a business is a difficult endeavor. However, running a business and managing your employees is a 24/7 job. Instead of taking on this Herculean task on your own, you should work with a Human Resources company that can help you manage your human capital. Workplace HCM can help manage your HR so you can manage your business. Call us today at (856) 334-9711 to learn more about our services and how we can help you handle HR issues that may occur.

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